About our company

  • Confard Consultancy Limited is an organization that delivers worldwide career and education guidance. The Confard Consultancy Limited to assist students in the process of finding and getting admissions in the best universities in china for MEDICAL, ENGINEERING, BBA, MBA, Phd program. Studying bds from china is no more a dream with our support. Apart from that, it also offers consultancy services to foreigners in the process of seeking jobs, business settlement or investment projects.

    China, the land of artistic supremacy calls you to become a part of a multicultural education environment. We are here to serve you well and take care of all the requirements that you need in order to clinch your dreams of studying abroad. Shake hands with us as we strive to bring your dreams to reality. We provide assistance with:

    Information about China

    • Counseling the students
    • Discounted Air ticket from Major airlines
    • To provide authentic information to students
    • Assistance for Foreign Exchange and Insurance
    • Updated information on courses and Universities
    • On arrival services in China
    • Assistance in application procedures
    • Temporary accommodation arrangement in China
    • Guidance about VISA processing
    • Regular follow-up with High Commission
    • Total solution provider for International students & their families after their departure

Our Mission & Vision

  • We are committed to our customer centric philosophy. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their goals by providing them world class customer service that is both reliable and competitively superior by quality and economically.

    To facilitate students for getting higher education while ultimately focusing the education improvement in 3rd world countries so that world could be a better place for all kind of lives. Further we wish to enhance professional qualified Manpower that can reduce the Monopoly of existing professional working as business tycoons instead of serving their fields for betterment of humanity. This is real need of time