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China University For Bangladeshi Student

China University For Bangladeshi Student

The Beijing Institute of Technology is organized into 17 academic schools and 43 research centers. There is also a Graduate School, a Continuing Education School, a Distance Education School, a Vocational Studies High School, a Xishan Secondary School, a Qianhuangdao Secondary School, a Zhuhai Autonomous School and a Liangxiang Campus at the Institute of Technology. of Beijing in China. The Beijing Institute of Technology is also one of the national “Project 211” universities that receive preferential state support.

Beijing Institute Of Technology

Beijing Institute Of Technology

World Rank-618

With the aim of developing a world-class research-oriented university, BIT has created a favorable environment for teaching and research. There are more than 3,500 teachers and staff, including 8 academics from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Sciences (CAES), 1,200 full professors and associates (including researchers and senior engineers), 362 supervisors from doctoral programs, 17 experts with outstanding contributions at the national level and 55 beneficiaries of special subsidies from the central government

Beijing Institute Of Technology

Beijing Institute Of Technology



Non-degree CourseDurationStarting DateTuition FeeLanguage
Chinese Language1 semesterSeptember¥8200Chinese
Chinese Language1 semesterMarch¥8200Chinese


Bachelor-Program CourseDurationStarting DateTuition Fee / YearLanguage
Electrical Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥30000English
Electronic Science and Technology4 yearsSeptember¥30000English
Computer Science and Technology4 yearsSeptember¥30000English
Flight Vehicle Design and Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥30000English
Mechanical Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥30000English
Mechanical-Electronic Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥30000English
Aerospace Engineering4 yearsSeptember¥30000English
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Beijing Institute Of Technology


Master-Program CourseDurationStarting DateTuition Fee / YearLanguage
Aeronautics & Space Science and Technology2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Chemistry2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Chemical Engineering and Technology2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Computer Science and Technology2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Control Science and Technology2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Information and Communication Engineering2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Law2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Mechanical Engineering2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Electronics Science and Technology2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English
Software Engineering2.5 yearsSeptember¥36000English


Doctor-Program CourseDurationStarting DateTuition Fee / YearLanguage
Aeronautics & Space Science and Technology3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Mechanical Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Optical Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Computer Science and Technology3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Material Science and Technology3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Chemical Engineering and Technology3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Physics3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Chemistry3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Education3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Safety Science and Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Dynamic Mechanical and Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Instrument Science and Technology3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Control Science and Technology3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Software Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Environmental Science and Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Biomedical Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Management Science and Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Economics3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Law3 yearsSeptember¥45000English
Mathematics3 yearsSeptember¥45000Chinese
Electronic Science and Technology3 yearsSeptember¥45000Chinese
Information and Communication Engineering3 yearsSeptember¥45000Chinese

Document required Study in China admission 2019

  1. Passport Copy
  2. Passport Size Photos
  3. SSC & HSC Certificates and Transcripts Notary
  4. Physical Examination Record
  5. NO Criminal Record
  6. Study Plan, CV
  7. Recommendation Letter
  8. Bank Statement (Self/Parent’s) & Bank Solvency Certificate


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China University For Bangladeshi Student


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