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  1. Beijing University
  2. Renmin University of China
  3. Tsinghua University
  4. Beijing Jiaotong University
  5. Beijing industry university
  6. Beijing Aerospace University
  7. Beijing Institute of Technology
  8. Beijing University of Science and Technology
  9. North China University of Technology
  10. Beijing University of Chemical Technology
  11. Beijing Technology and Business University
  12. Beijing Institute of Fashion
  13. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  14. Beijing Institute of Printing
  15. Beijing Jianzhu University
  16. Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology
  17. Beijing Institute of Electronic Technology
  18. China Agricultural University
  19. Beijing Agricultural College
  20. Beijing Forestry University
  21. Peking Union Medical College
  22. Tokyo Metropolitan Medical University
  23. Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
  24. Beijing Normal University
  25. Capital Normal University
  26. Capital Institute of Physical Education
  27. Beijing foreign language university
  28. Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute
  29. Beijing Language and Culture University
  30. Communication University of China
  31. Central University of Finance and Economics
  32. Foreign Economic and Trade University
  33. Beijing Materials College
  34. Capital University of Economics
  35. Foreign Affairs College
  36. Chinese People’s Public Security University
  37. Institute of International Relations
  38. Beijing Sport University
  39. Central Conservatory of Music
  40. China Conservatory of Music
  41. Central Academy of Fine Arts
  42. The Central Academy Of Dram
  43. Chinese Opera Academy
  44. Beijing Film Academy
  45. Beijing Dance Academy
  46. Minzu University of China
  47. China University of Political Science and Law
  48. North China Electric Power University
  49. China Women’s College
  50. Beijing University of Science and Technology Information
  51. China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)
  52. China University of Petroleum (Beijing)
  53. China University of Geosciences (Beijing)
  54. Beijing Union University
  55. Beijing city college
  56. China Youth Political College
  57. Shougang Institute of Technology
  58. China Institute of Labor Relations
  59. Beijing Geely College
  60. Capital College of Science and Technology
  61. Jiahua College, Beijing Technology and Business University
  62. Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Century College
  63. Beijing University of Technology, Qidan College
  64. Beijing Police College
  65. Beijing Second Foreign Language College Zhongrui Hotel Management College
  66. Chinese Academy of Sciences University
  67. University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  68. Beijing Institute of Industrial Technology
  69. Beijing Institute of Information Technology
  70. Beijing Electronic Technology Vocational College
  71. Beijing Jingbei Vocational and Technical College
  72. Beijing Jiaotong Vocational and Technical College
  73. Beijing Youth Political College
  74. Beijing Agricultural Vocational College
  75. Beijing Political and Law Vocational College
  76. Beijing Finance and Trade Vocational College
  77. Beijing Peking University Founder Software Vocational and Technical College
  78. Beijing Vocational College of Economics and Trade
  79. Beijing Economic and Technical Vocational College
  80. Beijing Opera Art Vocational College
  81. Beijing Huijia Vocational College
  82. Beijing Science and Technology Management College
  83. Beijing Vocational College of Science and Technology
  84. Beijing Municipal Education Commission
  85. Beijing Pei Li Vocational College
  86. Beijing Municipal Education Commission
  87. Beijing Economic Management Vocational College
  88. Beijing Labor and Social Security College
  89. Beijing Social Management Vocational College
  90. Beijing Art Media Vocational College
  91. Beijing Sports Vocational Colleg
  92. Beijing Transportation Vocational College
  93. Beijing Health Vocational College
  94. Beijing Network Vocational College
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